Osimo Ceramiche

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professionals, building companies, distributors and retail shops.

Our clients are: professionals, building companies, distributors and retail shops.
OSIMO CERAMICHE, we manufacture first class quality products at costs that do not impose a high operation cost, as it is usually the case.
The OSIMO CERAMICHE products reach our clients at the same price of other products from the same origin, because it is our understanding that as a commercial strategy, it makes no sense to make the products more expensive with unnecessary structures.
OSIMO CERAMICHE has quality and production controls under norms; the installations have cutting-edge technology for their production processes, and ultimately and basically, OSIMO CERAMICHE has a great human factor as an important link within our priorities.
With more than 30 years in the field, the OSIMO CERAMICHE directors know about the industry conflicts; this is why we produce with very high standards and speed. This avoids unnecessary product storage. To have an immobilized stock produces an accumulated financial cost that in time, produces financial fissures.
OSIMO CERAMICHE produces at a very high cutting-edge technology with quality and speed; this gives us an advantage over any other manufacturer.

The OSIMO CERAMICHE work system is based on three fundamental points:

1)              Italian Design:  We have the best designs in the market; with the Italian sharpness, it gives us a high performance at the level of any other European manufacturer.

2)              Italian technology manufacturing of last generation: more than 75 million Euros invested in SYSTEM, SACMI, plus a sustained annual investment of 5 million Euros over the next 5 years.

3)              Quality control by Italian specialists: guarantees a very high-quality product.


  1. a) Installations:

It is very important for OSIMO CERAMICHE to count with access to important routs, close to ports, and the proximity to their quarries providers of raw material.

With such good location, we manage to benefit the incoming and outgoing transportation so that it facilitates the fastness to deliver the merchandise to its destination.

  1. b) Manufacturing Process:

The manufacturing process of OSIMO CERAMICHE is among the cutting-edge technologies adapted to white clay monocoction, with crockery formulation for cladding and stoneware for pavement.

The monocoction applied to floors and cladding allowed to reach the versatility in formats and big size ceramics.

OSIMO CERAMICHE has a selection of raw material thoroughly selected, the storage in covered warehouses, double grinding, continuous process for the humid grinding, double press installation, dry up, previous enameling on each oven in order to have more time of development and maintenance. The more advanced in design products are the ones that have digital printing, dry press.

OSIMO CERAMICHE has all the elements for the manufacturing of floors and stoneware or porcelain cladding. This is why the OSIMO CERAMICHE products are of a PREMIUM quality.

  1. c) Human Factor:

For the members of OSIMO CERAMICHE, the good disposition, the “willingness to serve” our clients, generates trust, which bears fruit to great ventures, supported by the essence, which is to be good people.

For the OSIMO CERAMICHE staff the bond is what gives solidity to a commercial relationship.

  1. d) Service:

For OSIMO CERAMICHE the manufacturing and the human factor are key to our company. Our production is thoroughly planned according to the markets demand so that there are no batches in any of the production lines, or if it happened, be one of a fast solution. OUR EFFICIENCY AND THE TECHNOLOGY WE USE, ALLOW US TO PRODUCE 50,000,000 m (500,000,000 sqf) a year, which allows for the production of more than 100 containers a day. The time of production is 15 days, after the approval of the purchase order. The service has an intimate relation with the production. The tones, items sizes, as well as the packaging, provide security in the storage, transfer, loading and unloading.

For the clients of OSIMO CERAMICHE the speed, seriousness, fastness and efficiency are paramount and this is why we comply with all the steps.

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